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The Casper College Kinser Jazz Festival is a noncompetitive, educational event that allows junior high, middle school, high school, college, and university music programs the chance to perform for audiences and expert adjudicators.


At the Casper College Kinser Jazz Festival every ensemble receives:
• 30-minute warm-up immediately before your performance
• 30-minute performance (includes set-up and tear down)
• 30-minute off-stage clinic with an adjudicator immediately after your performance
• 2 completed adjudication forms containing your preference of either A) adjudicated comments and rating, or B) comments only
• an USB with video files of your ensemble's performance and adjudicated clinic, and
audio files of adjudicators' comments

Before the Festival

  • Review campus map for bus loading, unloading, and parking
  • Review Casper College's emergency notification procedures.
  • Submit your completed instrumental or vocal bibliography and stage set up forms online by Wednesday, February 4, 2015.

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Check-in Table

A clearly marked check-in table is set up in the Music Building Atrium for check-in during the festival.

You must check-in your ensemble at least 30 minutes before your performance time. During check-in, please:
• submit two copies of the scores your ensemble(s) will be performing


Your guide will be introduced to you at check-in. Your guide will answer all of your questions and escort you through your entire performance rotation.


The Casper College Kinser Jazz Festival does not provide storage for coats, cases, etc. Leave them on your bus.

Stage Set-up

The standard stage set-up will be in place unless you complete the appropriate Stage Set-up Form. The completed Stage Set-up Form must be completed and submitted by Wednesday, February 3, 2016. 


The festival provides the following equipment:
Instrumental ensembles - risers, music stands and chairs, acoustic piano, bass amp, guitar amp, drum set (4-piece set with ride, crash, and hihat cymbals), vibraphone (minus mallets), congas, and a sound technician
• Vocal ensembles - risers, acoustic piano, bass amp, guitar amp, drum set, PA system, up to 16 microphones, and a sound technician


Completed adjudication packets (including adjudicator comments and ratings or adjudicator comments only, soloist awards, and the copies of the scores you provided at check-in) as well as the USB with all of the video and audio files will be available at the Check-in table not more than two hours after your performance. You are responsible for retrieving your packet. the Casper College Kinser Jazz Festival does not guarantee mailing your completed packet to your school after the festival.

Hospitality Room

Complimentary coffee and refreshments are available to directors in the Director's Hospitality Room, Music Building, room 130.

Campus Food Service

The Tobin Dining Hall is located in the Student Union and University of Wyoming at Casper Building (UU).  See campus map. Food service tickets must be purchased in advance, unless you are paying cash at the dining hall. Buy tickets now!


Casper College is not responsible for lost or stolen items. However, we will keep any found items turned into us at the Check-in table. Scores, if found, will be returned provided it is stamped with your school's name.


The safety of all campus employees and visitors is paramount. Please review the college's emergency notification channels. Sign up for mobile emergency alert notifications using "Casper College" as the site name.



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